GMA News: Christian group holds protest against Anti-Discrimination Bill

Itong mga ito ay may panahon para sa ganitong katangahan, pero kapag panahon para ipaglaban ang buhay ng mga pinapatay, kapag panahon para ipaglaban ang katotohanan, at kapag panahon para ipaglaban ang mga inaapi at mahihirap, nasaan kaya sila? Mas may panahon sila na ipanawagan sa gobyerno kung saan dapat mag-CR, kung saan dapat ilagay ng mga tao ang ari nila kaysa ayusin ang sarili nilang mga buhay at bigyang-lunas ang mas mahahalagang problema sa lipunan. Hindi sila nananawagan laban sa mga kasinungalingan ng mga propagandista ng pamahalaan, bagkus nagdadagdag pa sila ng kasinungalingang walang diskriminasyon laban sa LGBT sa bansang ito. Nagiging banal lang sila kapag pinangangalagaan nito ang kanilang mga pribilehiyo at nakatataas na antas sa lipunan. Sinusunod lang nila ang kautusan kapag ito’y madali o kung may pangako ng katubusan, kahit na laban pa ito sa lohika, siyensa, o konsensyang unibersal. Ang pagiging relihiyoso nila kuno at pagkatakot sa kanilang harayang manlilikha ay pantakip lang sa mga kakulangang hindi nila kayang punan. Continue reading →


The Economist: Ghastly gurus

But Ms Olen is right to home in on the biggest problem that personal-finance gurus neglect; people earning $20,000 a year will struggle to pay for the basics in life and will simply not be able to save their way to a life of comfort, let alone riches.

$20,000 per annum translates to a monthly gross of PhP 83,000. More Filipinos earning less than half of this amount have been sold stupid get-rich dreams instead of being taught basic, non-commercial, unbiased financial literacy – or incendiary and subversive socialist logic. Here’s a thought-provoking review regarding the world of get-rich pastors and self-proclaimed personal finance experts.

Brisbane Times: This 17 year old boy killed in Duterte’s drug war galvanises the Philippines

This is too much. Everything about the boy pointed towards his innocence, but this regime would stop at nothing just to destroy, not the drug menace, but everyone who opposes its leadership and policies. This is not the first time that Duterte has sanctioned the cold-blooded murder of mere drug suspects and innocents, and as long as he sits there in his own Iron Throne in Malacanang, this wouldn’t be the last. This article from the Brisbane Times gives me less hope and more gloom, a reminder of the deadly spiral that our people has embraced in the name of “change.”

Inquirer: Are you a cola addict?

I have been drinking a bottle of soda everyday for the past six months. This is not a healthy practice, but I’m hooked to sugary drinks. Cola has been my coping mechanism for both stress and boredom. But no excuses now. I’ll try weaning myself through sheer discipline. I’m no longer happy with my weight and waistline. For the sake of my physical and financial health, my budding addiction with Coke (the brand, not the drug, mind you) should stop NOW.

Nikkei Asian Review: Philippine women continue to pile on the overtime

This why the fight for equality and fairness continues, because while our women and LGBT do the heavy and dirty work of uplifting our families and economy, men with feudal mindsets continue to squander whatever we have earned. An insightful read from the Nikkei Asian Review.

The Guardian: No peace in Syria until Assad is ousted, says Nikki Haley

Few people would be sad to see Assad go, but after Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq, I could not help but wonder if we are all prepared to pay the price of “regime change.” Here’s a The Guardian article about Trump’s latest foray into that mud called American foreign policy.