Journal 06.10.17

This week has been anything but hellish and crazy.

The new G-check system is nerve-wracking. If I had a choice, I wouldn’t do it. But then, do I really have a choice?

My high school friends (or should I say, “former friends”) are asking me out this Thursday. But I don’t think I still want to hang out with them. I have crossed this boundary, the line between sentimental value and “fuck this.” Beyond that superficial Facebook post meant to showcase how nice we are to maintain ties that go way back, there isn’t much for me in lying to myself that I like their company. I can’t pay for what they spend, I can’t do what they like, I can’t interest them with the mundane things I enjoy and the cheap places I go to, I don’t share the same sentiments and ideals as them. What’s the point of being with them other than highlighting that my academic achievements in high school did not translate to any material success (as how they see it)? We have drifted apart. They have their own world, I have mine, and as far as I’m concerned, they’re irrelevant to mine. #ByeFelicia.

That was one massive shithole Qatar got into. But no love for Saudi and the UAE. Them calling Qatar a sponsor of terrorism is no different from a kettle calling the pot black.
It sucks to be a friend of all (Iran, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and friends, the USA), but as the saying goes, “A friend to everyone is a friend of no one.” A line has been drawn in the Middle East – and the Gulf states have decided that Qatar, with its stable government and society, temperate version of Islam, and friendly attitude even to Saudi enemies, has to go. The hacking, the fake news, the quick diplomatic siege – all were orchestrated by the Saudis and their rich Gulf friends to strike the Qataris and Iranians. It’s a naked power grab, and one could just wonder Trump’s role in this picture as this occurred a few days after his state visit to the Middle East.

That Qatar supports terrorism is an open secret. It isn’t shocking. But that it’s Saudi Arabia and the UAE calling Qatar a sponsor of terrorism is like a kettle calling the pot black. Hell, Hapilon and his Maute friends wouldn’t have the petrodollars to buy a single gun if it weren’t for the madrassas various Saudi “charitable” organizations have built in Lanao, Sulu, and Maguindanao. We’re more inclined to bat for the underdog especially since Qatar funds Al Jazeera, a more reliable source of information than the state news agencies of the Arab world can ever be.

Pax Americana has effectively ended. But now, who can we trust?


The Guardian: No peace in Syria until Assad is ousted, says Nikki Haley

Few people would be sad to see Assad go, but after Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq, I could not help but wonder if we are all prepared to pay the price of “regime change.” Here’s a The Guardian article about Trump’s latest foray into that mud called American foreign policy.