Journal 2/11/18

Sometimes, for the sake of protecting whatever dignity I have left, I just block Chinese HelloTalk users who ask me the question, “What do you think about China?” I always lie and say I like China, but quite often, the Chinese won’t play the charade and don’t reciprocate the face-saving gesture. It is very telling when the Chinese upturn the Confucian order of things (slapping their 老师 the way they do with their Anhui servants) with abandon and still have the gall to beseech my help for their TOEFL or IELTS exam. Binastos ka na, hinihingan ka pa ng tulong. Filipino pride exists only when we fool ourselves – outside, few are fooled and we are laughed at


Nikkei Asian Review: Philippine women continue to pile on the overtime

This why the fight for equality and fairness continues, because while our women and LGBT do the heavy and dirty work of uplifting our families and economy, men with feudal mindsets continue to squander whatever we have earned. An insightful read from the Nikkei Asian Review.