Journal 01.01.2018

Nakakatuwa naman na ginawa talaga akong “free” tutor ng mga Tsino para matuto ng Tagalog… there’s a small, niche market for “Tagalog for Business” and even for “Tagalog as a Second Language.” I had a lot of fun teaching Filipino (Tagalog) language and culture to foreigners, and I learned a lot from them as well. Well, if the Philippines aims to get more Chinese investments in exchange for the islands we surrendered to the CCP, then we’d better learn their language and make them learn ours. My new year’s resolution of learning Mandarin took an unexpected yet pleasant turn! 加油!


Mamang pulis


Mamang pulis, hidhid, malupit,
Sa aming aba, nanggigipit.
Aking hiling bago “manlaban,”
Huwag dumihan aking ngalan.

English translation
Mr policeman, selfish and harsh,
we, the poor, you abuse.
My wish before I “resist,”
Do not destroy my name.