TWICE – Heart Shaker

I lot of ONCEs liking this like mad, but then the song is the same, syrupy, bubble gum Kpop that TWICE has become known for. The video is a bit dry for me, but of course, I’d have to give them a plus point for twice the TWICE towards the end. And another point too for giving Tzuyu more airtime!

K.A.R.D. – You in Me

I like K.A.R.D. but I agree with one of the YouTube comments saying that this isn’t their best. I need to wait for an English translation of the lyrics, but I think the song is nicely done. The plot is also a bit unique and suits them well. It’s just the MV which is a little off for me. This isn’t the first time I have seen that kind of lighting, and I believe that the quartet can pull off more creative, fun, and engaging choreographies.

Journal 07.22.17

Damn Uber driver. You were the one who took two tries and even made me walk under the rain to pick me up, and you still had the gall to lower my rider rating. WTF?!

Last week I had intestinal flu that cost me two work days. This week a sore throat and a runny nose are paving the way for colds. How many vitamin and decongestant tablets should I take just to get rid of this inconvenience?

Wow, EXO. Ko ko bop – that’s from an old song! Good job on making that catchy chorus part of your latest release.

But K.A.R.D.’s music is what I dig right now. Now, all of the comments busy with the “views” thing – I’m not into that. I just like their music, and B.M. so there. I hope KARD makes more beautiful music!

I will miss this place so badly!

Bye, Enterprise! 😊

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