TWICE – Heart Shaker

I lot of ONCEs liking this like mad, but then the song is the same, syrupy, bubble gum Kpop that TWICE has become known for. The video is a bit dry for me, but of course, I’d have to give them a plus point for twice the TWICE towards the end. And another point too for giving Tzuyu more airtime!

K.A.R.D. – You in Me

I like K.A.R.D. but I agree with one of the YouTube comments saying that this isn’t their best. I need to wait for an English translation of the lyrics, but I think the song is nicely done. The plot is also a bit unique and suits them well. It’s just the MV which is a little off for me. This isn’t the first time I have seen that kind of lighting, and I believe that the quartet can pull off more creative, fun, and engaging choreographies.