CNN: Kung walang fake news…


Mr Roque seems to forget that one of the functions of a government (at least a neoliberal one) is to make sure that fake things don’t get sold. Allowing counterfeits, substandard, dangerous, or useless products, whether news or netbooks, breeds distrust and hurts the potential of the marketplace to improve the lives of people. What the government should not control is dissenting opinions, and the government should act against fabrications masquerading as facts. The truth is not sold with the currency of likes and shares.

Chinese dualist philosophy is inapplicable here – the existence of “fake news” is a postmodern, artificial construct. Lies do not belong in the natural order of things. If this administration is really for nation-building, it should act against the agents of lies and heal the divisions hatred and falsehood created. The untruths they shared and continue to spread are tigers that trample human rights, critical voices, and good governance. And when these tigers run out of prey, their “masters” would go next. Close this Pandora’s box before it’s too late for all of us.


FB: Lying Cabunoc

lying cabunoc

As a Filipino, you are supposed to share what is true, what is useful, what will protect the people, and advance the interest of our nation. Is sharing a “funny” story with a P.S. that isn’t that helpful at all true, useful, protective of the welfare of our people, and will advance our nation? When we have power and influence, when a lot of people look up to us, we should be responsible with what we say and not just say it because we want to be funny, pander to the whims of the “masa,” incite hate, or satisfy our own desire for arrogance. Can’t we just oppose Renato Reyes and the rest of the communist rebels without resorting to cheap “satire?” Just like many of the people in this regime, you are a hatemonger, but you are nastier since you are smart and you have guns.

Journal 10.04.2017

When I first used Facebook, it was still a forum for inane things. Then came “news,” “influencers,” “engagements,” “viral,” “bots.” It ceased being a playground and a community. It has now become a marketplace full of swindlers and simpletons. It has become a world unto itself, a reality where it is easy to create, destroy, and recreate selves. A decade ago, my Facebook account was just an extension of myself, a neat little feature to freely communicate and celebrate the innocuousness and idealism of youth. Now, it is no longer just an extension of Me, but another me, negotiating its way in a universe of appearances, deceit, and enslavement.