Trip: Cagbalete – May 2017

#TIL The paradox of human rights and states


The state is entrusted to uphold, protect, and promote human rights, but the state is also the greatest violator of human rights. Some states, however, do more harm than good – states based on the rule of law that enshrines international human rights principles are less likely to violate human rights than those which are not based on the rule of law (in theory and practice) or based on legal systems that do not adhere to international human rights principles.

By way of a foreword

β€œWhat to write?” Indecision pulls the words back. But then, what do I have to lose? If I wrote for you I would have to tell you what you wanted to read. And I may never know what you want. So I’ll just write for myself, and maybe you’d like it. I don’t really care much. I just what to leave something behind.